Family Photo Outfit Tips and Ideas

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Our calendar gets CRAZY in September and October - between full weekends of wedding and engagement sessions we photograph a TON of families. One question we get asked a lot is "what should we wear?" To help remove the stress of pulling together the perfect Pinterest-worthy outfits for your family we compiled this list of tips and ideas. 

Allow yourself TIME

If you wait to choose your clothes the morning of your session, odds are you won't be satisfied with the results. Look for inspiration online and decide what styles you are drawn to - dressy? casual? retro? vintage? steampunk? (come on, please? I would LOVE if a family showed up looking like this:

OK, so if goggles, bustiers and top hats aren't your thing, try to figure out what is. Sometimes you can start with one piece you really LOVE and build everything else around it. Or, you can also try to...

Dress the pickiest person first

There is one in every family, and often it's Mom. My kids are used to checking with me first before getting dressed, otherwise they would wear football pants and neon tank tops to church on Sundays. I get dressed first and then we go from there. Pick something you feel great wearing, something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. If your little one hates wearing dress shoes or headbands, don't force them to wear it at the shoot. Choose to wear things that feel good and look good together, a surefire way to coordinate is to...

Pick a color scheme

Three colors is a great starting point when choosing outfits. If you aren't sure where to start, pick a plaid shirt you like at the store and pull the colors from there (a designer chose those colors for a reason!) Keep in mind that not everyone will wear all three colors. Your daughter's headband can match the color of your husband's sweater, or you can wear a scarf that matches your son's shirt. Here are some color combos we are loving this season:




Can't you just picture any of those looking gorgeous on a Christmas card? Just remember to...


Wearing the same outfit can make your family photos look dated and stale, by choosing a variety of pieces across a theme you can really showcase your family's personality and style! Also make sure to avoid clothes with graphics or logos, they can be easily distract from your lovely and sweet faces. You can add visual interest as well by considering 


Fall is the perfect season to play with layers to add dimension to your photos. Girls can experiment with cardigans, tights, jackets, and vests. Guys can try out a plain tee under a patterned shirt or fun jacket. You can also add variety and focal points by playing with accessories like statement necklaces, belts, scarves or hats. Accessories are the perfect way to pull everything together and truly show off your personalities! 

Remember that you will likely be printing out some of these photos to hang around your home, keep it simple and classy so that you will love looking at these pictures for years to come. Once you have shopped your closets and hit up the mall, lay everything out on the floor and snap a quick picture. Seeing everything all together will give you a great idea of what your photos will look like. We are happy to give you input as well, we may even have the perfect prop or accessory to help complete the look!

For our fall family photos, I chose a burgundy, mustard, chambray and cream color scheme (I know, that's four colors... with four kids I needed a little more variety!) I loved hunting down things first from our closets and then looking online to round out the outfits, almost everything here was purchased from Target or Old Navy.  

So, this is what I came up with for our family photos, what do you think?? I'm super excited for our session with Lindsay in October, I can't wait to see our baby girl rock those caramel knee-high boots! Happy shopping, we hope to see your family this fall!


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