Throw Love Around Like Confetti : Lydia & Dave's Noah's Lincolnshire Wedding

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THESE TWO... There could be no better introduction for Lydia and Dave than this one, taken from their wedding website:

August 31, 2014. Facebook. 11:00 pm

Dave is drafting a personal message. "Hi. Just gonna throw this out there: would you be interested in going on a date?" His finger hovers over the enter key, trembling. Backspace backspace backspace backspace...It was probably too late at night.

5 days later. Facebook. 8:00 pm. 

"Hi. Just gonna throw this out there: would you be interested in going on a date?" His finger once again moves into position over the enter key. "C'mon Dave, you got this, just distract yourself and" *Enter* 8:08 pm.

57 agonizing minutes later, Lydia responds. "Well, that's one way to start a conversation. Hi! I think I'm going to say no to a date at the moment, but I'd be happy to get together and catch up. It has been quite a while!"

They met in person a week later, but not before messaging back and forth 6 of the greatest mixer questions of all time.

Dave, September 5, 5:57pm:

1.) You discover that you have super powers. You can__(power)___by___(how to control said power)____. What's the first thing you try to do with your new powers? do you become a villain or hero? do you tell people or keep it secret?

2.) what's the best thing?

3.) you wake up one morning in the wilderness. You've become an animal, yet you still retain your human consciousness. What animal did you become, and what are your plans for survival?

you may choose to ask the same questions of me, or (I prefer) different questions. k. go.

Lydia, September 8, 8:20pm:

1. I'd be able to teleport (including taking anyone whose elbow I'm touching) by eating a banana (gotta stay healthy). I would use it for good but also keep it relatively quiet because I don't want to be inundated by demands to teleport people! The first thing I would do is to visit Utah and eat some scones.

Alternatively, if I can become a full-blown superhero within the constraints of this question, I do have an alter-ego known as Captain Confetti who fights off bad guys with her confetti powers...and she can also teleport.

2. Toasting a perfect marshmallow

3. I have awoken as a moose. My plan is to travel the world impressing humans with my crazy moose intelligence and convincing them that the plural of moose should be meese.

alright, your turn:

1. If you were a potato, what would you like to be when you grow up?

2. What is the worst thing?

3. What item of clothing best describes you?

Dave, September 8, 9:18pm

1. a battery in some kids clock science experiment. Or perhaps a chik-fil-a waffle fry

2. when you're too tired to fall asleep

3. cargo pants. not flashy or fancy, completely function over form, with a lot of hidden cool stuff in the pockets you never knew about or forgot you put there. dependable, durable, and stuck in the 90s.

Three months later was the first official date. Dave gifted Lydia a 3D-printed Unimoose. 

By February they were officially a couple.

16 months later...

The ring arrived just in time for Lydia's birthday celebration. After a day of fun, Dave escorted Lydia to the main sanctuary at CrossLife where he played a personal concert for her. He walked backstage to a thunderous applause from the audience (Lydia) and when the entire crowd (Lydia) started chanting "Encore! Encore!" he walked out with a ukulele and the ring in his pocket, and played a song he wrote just for her. The last lyrics to the song went:

So here's to our future, what happens next, I bet you could guess

Lydia, will you marry me?.....

and Lydia sang back:


Lydia and Dave's wedding was beyond colorful, magically quirky, and unforgettable in every way. We came prepared with several confetti cannons and umbrellas to protect us from the rain, but nothing could prepare us for the outpouring of faith, love and joy that made this wedding one for the ages.

The girls got ready at Lydia and Dave's house, and I still feel a little guilty for COMPLETELY covering their living room in confetti. Once Lydia was dressed in her sweet polka dot gown she braced herself to meet Dave in the rain for their first look.

They say "rain is just confetti falling from the sky," and on this day that could not have been more true. When Dave first saw his bride the cold and wet weather seemed to melt away, his face was just the BEST.

Lydia looked SO beautiful... Her bouquet carried special meaning; when she was little her father used to tell her the plastic utility flags on the side of the road we flowers called "flagiolas." Sadly he passed away before her wedding, but she made sure to include flagiolas in her bouquet so he could be there with her in spirit. 

Lydia and Dave's wedding party were SO great, they happily braved the rain for photos at the lovely Independence Grove. They even had a good attitude about getting shot in the face with a confetti cannon (SOO sorry!!)

The ceremony took place at Dave's home church, Crosslife. Before the ceremony, Dave's dad gave a heartfelt speech to honor his son. Then, as Lydia walked down the aisle, the sanctuary was bursting with love and emotion.

Dave is an incredibly creative guy, an inventor and an engineer, and decided to do something VERY different during their ceremony. Instead of a unity candle, or pouring sand, Lydia and Dave did unity WELDING. That's right, they welded during their wedding ceremony! It was EPIC, a beautiful and dramatic gesture as they made a cross together 

After greeting their guests with a traditional receiving line, Lydia and Dave were treated to an amazing confetti exit.

The reception space at Noah's in Lincolnshire is so beautiful, but Lydia and Dave completely transformed it by filling the room with colorful DIY details. And their amazing cocktail hour was like a fancy carnival, complete with a bouncy house and cotton candy.

During dinner we feasted on amazing grilled cheese sandwiches while listening to the most heartfelt toasts from Lydia and Dave's family and friends.

When it came time for Lydia and Dave's first dance, all eyes were on the newlyweds as the sound of hundreds of 3D printed tambourines (created by Dave, of course) twinkled through the night.

We danced the night away to Dave's perfect playlist, and ate delicious fresh-made waffles for dessert. It was the most perfect night.

Thank you, Lydia and Dave, for inviting us to share this unforgettable day with you. We love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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