Emily and Ethan's Epic Independence Grove Wedding

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Emily and Ethan's love story is sweet and unassuming, just like the two of them. I loved reading it in Emily's words, so I'll share her story here:

"Our story started at UW Stout where both of us attended college. Ethan worked multiple jobs to pay for his college and one of those happened to be for the athletic department as Event Staff. During soccer games he was tasked with being the soccer team’s ball boy our freshman year. Emily being a freshman on the soccer team caught Ethan's eye, however, she wasn't in the market at the moment. Fast forward to junior year when Ethan caught Emily's eye running up and down the sidelines. She jokingly called him, her, “Blue eyed ball boy,” because his eyes matched the light blue uniform polos he had to wear. Late one night at a bar called The Flame, a true Menomonie classic, Emily turned around to see Ethan standing a few feet away. He walked up to her and she said, “Hey, you look familiar,” he said, “Yeah, I know you, you’re Emily, I worked your soccer games.” We chatted for a while until Ethan had to cut the night short because his roommate at the time needed his help. He quickly asked Emily for her number and said goodbye. The next day Ethan texted Emily asking if she’d like to come over for dinner that week. Emily gladly accepted, because hey, she needed to check out his cooking, but needless to say, she was very impressed by his baked chicken and that was the first of many home cooked meals we have shared. We lived long distance for the first 3 years of our careers until Emily decided to move on the road with Ethan in the Summer of 2016. Since then, we have lived in Salem, Massachusetts. Elysian, Minnesota and now East Palatka, Florida. If one thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see where our next adventure as a married couple takes us!"

Emily and Ethan's wedding took place on a chilly and windy day early in November. When we arrived at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Libertyville Emily and her closest girlfriends were all in great spirits as they were finishing with hair and makeup. We loved getting some shots of them together in their adorable and festive flannels before they all got dressed for the ceremony. 

When we arrived at the gorgeous Christ Church in Lake Forest, Ethan was excitedly waiting for the ceremony to begin with his brother and closest friends. Emily waited on the other side of the church grounds with her mom, who proudly walked her little girl down the aisle. Emily's Dad suffers from multiple sclerosis, as I do, and he was unable to attend his daughter's wedding due to an exacerbation. From my seat in the pews I was right behind Emily's uncle who FaceTimed in her Dad. Seeing that was such a powerful reminder of the challenges that people with MS bravely face. I had tears streaming down my cheeks when Emily walked down and made time to stop and wave at her Dad on the phone. 

Ethan's family has a tradition where the best man pulls off something elaborate when the time comes to deliver the rings. I like to think that Emily's face in the picture above is telling of someone who knows something crazy is about to happen. Sure enough, when asked for the rings, Ethan's brother made deer calls and a guest with antlers (firmly mounted on a Packers' helmet) came running down the aisle. Ethan's brother "shot" the buck and took the rings from him, you know, like you do 😂

After the ceremony we stopped in for a quick celebratory drink at Firkin in downtown Libertyville. From there we met at Independence Grove to settle in for a beautiful and unforgettable celebration. The wedding party braved the wind for photos near the water, and we were blessed by a lovely sunset just before dinner was served. It was truly an epic and unforgettable day, we were so honored to be part of it. 



Congratulations, Emily and Ethan, we love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

To see all of Emily and Ethan's gorgeous wedding photos, click here


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