Something Blue Photography | What to Wear for Your Session : Spring and Summer 2017

What to Wear for Your Session : Spring and Summer 2017

May 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Warmer temps mean that SUMMER is almost here, and we are SO excited!!! But, if you're anything like me the change of seasons means that the kids' closets also need to get changed over, which means a TON of laundry, folding, organizing, blah blah blah... It's hard enough for me to make sure my kids look somewhat presentable on a daily basis, but the idea of getting cute and coordinated photo-ready outfits together is OVERWHELMING. We know how challenging it can be to plan on what to wear for your family photo session, so our resident stylist Lindsay has put together some gorgeous clothing boards for inspiration. 

A few words of advice...

Make sure everyone is comfortable. Trust us, it shows when you are NOT comfortable!  This can mean not putting someone in a dress when she never wears them, or it can mean making sure to wear lightweight clothing so no one is too hot during the session.

Consider adding pops of color and interest with accessories, they can really MAKE the photo! Dads and boys can wear hats, belts, or sunglasses. Moms and girls can wear jewelry, sunhats, hair accessories, belts, shawls, and nail polish! 

And one thing NOT to wear- gym shoes. When a family neglects their choice of shoes, it throws the whole picture off. Rightly said by Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love, "Are you in a fraternity? Are you Steve Jobs, the billionaire CEO of Apple? No? Than you have no reason to wear New Balance shoes. Ever!" If you don't want to invest in dressier shoes for your session, consider going barefoot for a fun and relaxed summer vibe.

Oh and Mom- take some time on yourself! Most put so much effort into getting the family ready they often don't like their photos because of how they look. Get your hair done or ask a friend to do your makeup.  

You can always email us a photo of what you are thinking to wear, we are happy to help! Happy Planning! 


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